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Workshop: (Never) change a running system!

  • 4. July 2020
    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

(Never) Change a running system! You better remain Christian during climate change.

The workshop approaches five specific challenges related to the climate in everyday Christian life: Consumption and nutrition, garbage, mobility, but also purchasing culture for congregations. There will also be an innovative Pro Action Café to meet and discuss climate change. Food for thought is presented and discussed, best practice examples given. The moral index finger stays at home!

The workshop takes place in German.

Preparation and execution:
Purchasing: Mag. Hemma Opis-Pieber, spokeswoman for the Church Environment Group of Austria;
Mobility: Dr. Michela Ziegler, head of the “Car fasting” campaign;
Pro Action Cafe: Ing. Andreas Schulz, environmental officer of the Protestant Lutheran congregation of Graz Heilandskirche;
Consumption and nutrition: Melanie Gröbl, environmental officer of the Protestant Lutheran congregation of Bruck / Mur;
Garbage: Mag. Peter Lintner, environmental officer of the Protestant Lutheran Church in Styria


Messeplatz 1, Graz, Steiermark, 8010, Austria / Österreich


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