Graz – World Heritage Site and Reformation City

Graz is the capital of the Austrian region of Styria. It lies on the southeastern edge of the Alps, near the border of Slovenia and Hungary, and is the second largest city in Austria with almost 300,000 inhabitants.

Graz bridges the gap between eastern, western and southern Europe and is also one of more than 100 "Cities of Reformation" in Europe under the ecumenical motto "against each other, next to each other, together". In 1997 the second European Ecumenical Assembly took place in the Styrian capital, from which the Charta Oecumenica emerged in 2001, which provides guidelines for the growing cooperation among the churches in Europe.

The Protestants experienced a checkered history in Graz, in which they were given the alternative of either giving up their belief or leaving their home. Today Graz is a pulsating, cosmopolitan city with numerous sights, a diverse cultural offer and worthwhile excursion destinations in the idyllic southern Styria or in the northern highlands. In 2003 Graz was the European Capital of Culture; its old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. The city is also famous for the Styrian Autumn, the oldest European festival for contemporary art.

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